Cover Reveal for Love is Beautiful when in Bloom by Lara T. Kareem and Review!

What a gorgeous cover!


Featuring seven short stories, Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is a buoyant and soft collection that explore what it means when people meet and form a connection that ultimately blossoms into love.
Written with compassion, care and love, these light and sweet stories will keep you captivated as you encounter different facets of intimacy, self-discovery, pain, friendship and joy.
For readers looking to soothe their hearts, Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is the book you need to read.

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REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m stoked to be part of this cover reveal and even more stoked because I got an arc of the book.

I’m actually late in posting this because I wanted to read the book to the end and have my review ready.

So here it goes.

I loved it!

It’s the kind of book you can gift someone who has been in a reading hiatus. It will get them reading again. Because that’s what a good book does.

It’s filled with light hearted stories with lots of romance and amazing characters. You can decide to read the shorter stories first which is what I did. Then you can read the longer ones.

These stories will make you feel all the feels. Which makes it difficult to pick a favourite story. But gun to my head I had to pick I’ll pick Full Circle. I wanted Nike to be happy and I’m glad she found it in Khalid. A man who knows what he wants and will not let go of a good thing. Those are the kind of men I want to see in my books and my movies. The kind of men we need in our lives as lovers and husbands.

Also King can go to hell!

Coming in second would be Can I Still Love You. It’s a short and sweet story. This might be a little spoilery but I loved the end and can picture Ronami and Dare getting back together. Sometimes in a relationship you just have to talk things through. Yes emotions can run high and really bad decisions are easy to make, but communication can fix a lot of things. I’m glad Dare overcame his fear and stepped forward boldly to take back his girl. Although we have some jealousy to thank for it 😄

The book is coming out September 2nd, 2021. The link to add to Goodreads is above. Add it to your bookshelf so you will be reminded when it’s out.

You can support Lara by telling your friends about this book, posting it on your social media, pre-ordering it, buying it in whatever format you read books and leaving a review wherever you can.

Thank you for you support!

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