Not Seeing Is A Flower Cover Reveal


The cover is here!

And it was designed by Matthew Revert.

The premise was simple. What if love literally made the world go round? That’s how Not Seeing Is A Flower came to be.

Love literally makes the world go round, so things are bound to get messy.

Ziora’s job, as a Dharma from the Odinani pantheon, is creating chaos in the lives of people made to fall in love by Cupids. But everything starts to go wrong when the couples she is assigned start to die and a werewolf tries to kill her in her bedroom.

Fierce and decadent, Not Seeing Is A Flower is a stylish, supernatural adventure from the premier female Nigerian author of bizarro fiction, Erhu Kome.


I’ve never been a premier anything and now I am. Look at God

September 2018, I submitted the mansicript to Eraserhead Press shortly after finishing the story and a few weeks later I got the most amazing message. They really loved it and wanted to publish it. I finally found a home for my book!

It took quite a while to get here, to the actual publishing stage but I was not fazed. And even now when things seem shaky and uncertain, I carry on.

I’m so excited and can’t wait for people to read it. I hope you love this story as much as I love it.

Publishing date is set for October 1st

The link to add to Goodreads is yet to come but you can share this amazing news on your social media pages.

You can read the excerpt Here

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