Who send me message?

“Who send me message?”
“Who send you message indeed.”
“I can’t take offense cause I know It’s the useless eczema and pimples talking.”

Kajira laughed and crossed her legs on the couch. She reached for the remote control and changed the TV channel.
I lifted the mirror to my face again and frowned.

“But the label said it will fade my pimple spots and reduce laugh lines. Which kind wahala be this?”
“Why are you asking me? Am I the one that told you to buy the cream.” She hissed.
“Why you dey talk like that? Can you not be solution oriented for once?”

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It was a frightening sight but it got the point across. She could care less.

“Help me na,” I pleaded shaking my body. I dropped the mirror on the table and faced her. She kept her eyes on the TV, twisting her mouth here and there.
“Kajira help me na,” I continued to beg. “I cannot go to work looking like this. And you know Laso is just starting to cosy up to me. It took him quite a while to even talk to me cause of the ban on office relationships.”
“Beg some more.”
“Hian! You know I will not be asking you to help if you did not have fine skin.”
“E Don do. I will help. Just give me an hour. I will go and bring my kit.”

I picked up the mirror again and stared at the discolorations and blotches. Never again will I buy a cheap beauty product I swore to myself.
An hour later, Kajira returned.

“I have done the mixture. Let me apply it on your face. You’ll leave it on for thirty minutes then wash it off.”
“Thirty minutes?” I asked peeking at the sweet smelling mixture in the container she brought along.
“Yes. Don’t go and leave it longer than that oh.”
“I’ve heard.”

With the help of a brush, she applied the mixture on my face. Then she left. I decided to watch a movie to pass the time until I washed the goo off my face. I did not know when I slept off. When I woke up, the end credit for the movie was being displayed. I jumped right into the bathroom and hurriedly washed my face. I looked up at the mirror and my jaw dropped.
The sight of my face weakened me. The discolorations were gone. But half my face had turned black.
I shook my head and asked myself, “who send me message?”

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