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Living in Nigeria should not be a reason not to achieve your publishing dreams. I know it may seem difficult, but with all the right information it is possible.

A query package can include your query letter, manuscript sample, synopsis, and a short blurb. It depends on where you’re submitting.

When querying to a publisher or literary agent, your query letter should hit all the right notes to captivate whoever is going to read it. It is the first line of attack in the query trenches.

That is why I help nigerian writers get their query/pitch polished before it can be submitted to publishers or literary agents. I can’t guarantee that the book will be accepted anywhere. However, I can help increase your chances significantly.

For the consultation, we can chat via text on whatsapp or if you’re comfortable we can chat via video call. Whatever questions you have about writing, querying and about publishing, I’m ready to answer all of them.


Editing your Query/Pitch and synopsis (2-3 rounds of revision)

Plus if needed, a curated list of 5 agents and or Publishers currently accepting your stories like yours.

A flat fee of NGN 15,000

Some agents and publishers can request the first ten pages of your manuscript or the first three chapters(or 10k words).

If you need an extra pair of eyes on this, my editing fees are very affordable. Editing will include line and developmental edits. You will also receive an edit letter which will contain my thoughts on your writing style, voice, pacing and the structure of your story.

Editing fee for First ten pages NGN15,000

Editing fee for first three chapters NGN 25,000

For developmental editing on a full manuscript, the fee is NGN 1000 for every 1000 words.

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