How I did my registry wedding in Nigeria: Steps to follow so yours can go easy

First of all, Registry wedding or statutory wedding is the only wedding recognized in Nigeria and abroad. A simple church wedding or traditional wedding will not do unless you have the federal marriage certificate authorized by a registrar. So if you simply did a church wedding or traditional wedding, technically you’re not married. Same goes for those who got local certificates from local registries. You have to have the federal one. Fortunately for those with local certificates, re issuing is easy.

Let me explain all I did in steps.

Step 1. My husband and I got our affidavit of spinsterhood and bachelorhood from a magistrate court. A lawyer friend of ours helped. We paid a small amount to get them.

Step 2. I visited
with my laptop and created an account using my number and email. I started processing the application. On the website you’ll see how to apply in clear details. You’ll also see the approved federal registries.

Our wedding was in Benin so we chose the federal registry in Benin. I uploaded our documents which included birth certificate, means of identification, affidavits, passports and state of origin.

I would urge you to go through the website and read the FAQs. It will help your process go smoother.

There is a space for you to choose your oath taking and wedding day. I chose the Saturday after my oath taking (a month after uploading my documents. It cannot be less than a month. When applying the available dates will be given to you anyway) as wedding day but that changed later on.

Step 3. You cannot pay the 21,000 naira for the application online so I had to pay at a bank to the designated bank account which will be given to you. Have a print out copy of the receipt just in case.
Our application was approved really quickly. Remember to call the number on the website if you are having difficulties. Or send them an email. In my case when I was having problems, I sent a message via their Facebook page and got answers.

Step 4. On the day of the oath taking we traveled from asaba to benin and got there just in time. Google map is your friend if you’re lost. There were other couples there too. I had already printed out copies of all the documents and passports we uploaded during the application but we didn’t need the documents. They gave us a form to fill and we paid another small amount to have it stamped. We listened to the Registrar’s counseling session before we took the oath that lasted about two minutes.

Here’s where everything changed. My husband calculated that his mom and dad couldn’t come on the appointed day of the registry wedding due to distance so we decided to change the venue and date. With some money and the help of the registrar, we chose the day and location for our traditional wedding as the day of the registry wedding. All of these changes will show on your ecitibiz account. Emails will be sent.

Wedding day – All we needed was a Bible on that day (I did not want the conventional ring). My dad and father in law were witnesses. It didn’t take up to thirty minutes for the registry wedding. Make sure to give your registrar enough food and drinks.

So we killed two birds with one stone. All in all it was pretty easy.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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